“Uh uh uh… I didn’t hear you wash your hands.”

“Uh uh uh… I didn’t hear you wash your hands.” Recently, I saw Indian Government ad for teaching kids the proper technique of hand washing, which reminded me a scene of the movie Jackie brown, where Samuel Jackson says those words to Robert foster who was leaving the washroom. Hand Wash, a simple yet oftenContinue reading ““Uh uh uh… I didn’t hear you wash your hands.””

No to “no religion”

No to “no religion” Recently I met a friend after a long time, let’s call him Patel. We both spent our teenage years together, then spent our adult hood in different countries and now we met again in India. If you live a large amount of time away from your family, society and country; thereContinue reading “No to “no religion””

MOM??? But why???

MOM???   But why??? “The moment this mission was named MOM, I knew it would not disappoint. Moms never fail”. With these words, Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi announced ISRO’s success in reaching Mars’ orbit on September 24, 2014. Who knew the prime minister is so good at PJs and yet a very effectiveContinue reading “MOM??? But why???”